Professional Services

From high-end commissioned photography services to real life and online workshops

Commissioned Work And Other Professional Photography Services

Commercial, Editorial & Fine Art Photography

Price On Request
  • Specialized in Architecture
  • Commercial, editorial and Fine Art
  • Personalized quote to your specific needs
  • Location indepdent, worldwide services
  • Print and media ready images
  • Licensing options for a specific or unlimited time

I’ve worked extensively and successfully with global brands like BMW, Phase One cameras, Broadcasting Networks, German automotive industry, and Qatar Tourism for commissioned assignments varying from photographing architecture in either an editorial and commercial style or with a fine-art style to providing my expertise as a specialized black and white photographer.

When photographing architecture for a commissioned project, I can do this in a way that elevates the architectural structure and celebrates the architectural design and I can do this in a way that accentuates both the architectural design and the artistic interpretation of the photographer: in a fine art style. This means that I try to evoke an abstraction through my interpretation of the architectural design visualized in the fine art photograph. It is that abstraction that can become part of the cultural memory and elevates and celebrates the architectural design. The abstraction that the fine art photo tries to evoke is a simplification and amplification of the functional essence and design of the architectural object: the archetypal form and function. But at all times, celebrating the architectural structure comes first. 

If you are looking for a professional (fine art) photographer specialized in architecture, seascapes, and still life photography in high quality black and white or color for your commercial needs, then I can provide you with a tailor made professional service and a quote for your specific needs.

Other professional services include licensing of images for any commercial purpose. Please contact me at [email protected] for more info.

Educational Services – Workshops & Mentorships

Why choose a workshop with Joel Tjintjelaar?

Why choose a workshop conducted by Joel Tjintjelaar when there are so many to choose from, many times even cheaper? The answer is simple for those who know.

When it comes to the evolution of structured methods and techniques in B&W post-processing, post-processing styles, and theoretical approaches, Joel Tjintjelaar has been widely seen as one of those very few innovators and pioneers in digital B&W photography. Joel made significant contributions to the advancement of digital B&W processing methods and visual styles that are trending now or have become a global standard. Learning from Joel means learning from the original source and is a guarantee for learning the best methods with the best results and the latest developments in technical and also theoretical improvements. Where others emulate Joel’s work or rehash ideas, Joel always leads by dedicating his photography life to continuously finding new methods to create better B&W fine art photographs.

About My Teachings & Specialties

My workshops are customized towards the preferences of the students and cover in-depth knowledge of a broad range of topics and skills but my specialties for which I enjoy a worldwide reputation are the following:

  • B&W photography and post-processing: Since 2011 I’ve been teaching my iSGM2.0 method of B&W post-processing that has since become the B&W method for many award-winning photographers. Today, this method has evolved and improved so much that the manual method has been automated in my B&W Artisan Pro plugin for Photoshop. The panel therefore plays an important role in my processing workshop to speed up the process but can also be replaced by a manual workflow. If you are a photographer who likes to be on the forefront of what is possible in digital B&W photography, then I will show you what’s there and beyond.
  • Fine-art photography: Fine-art photography is more than just a beautiful B&W photo. It is also about intention, meaning and emotion. My ideas on Fine-art are supported not only by artistic/emotional motives but also by more scientifically based findings and the history of art. I can introduce you to the world of fine-art photography and to my personal ideas on what fine-art photography and what art in general is. With a few simple criteria, you will be able to separate art from everything else. Last but not least: I can teach you how to create fine-art photographs.
  • Architectural Photography, landscape photography and still life photography: These are the genres I’m specialized in but that I always approach from a fine-art point of view, never from a commercial or editorial point of view. From 2010 to 2014 I’ve won all major international photography awards in those genres. My contribution to the evolution and development of fine-art architectural photography over the past years has been acknowledged by many photography lovers over the world.

Live Interactive Webinars

A few times a year Joel conducts  Live Webinars focused on a specific skill or on one of the panels.

Paid Interactive Webinar

Focussed on a specific topic or skill
from $ 130
  • $130 to $200 per person depending on the specific topic/skill.
  • Minimum attendance 15 people, maximum attendance 50 people
  • Webinars will be announced under Workshop news or in the newsletter
  • Via Zoom video conferencing

Free Panel Webinars

For B&W Artisan Pro X or Quick Mask Pro users only
$ Free
  • The free webinars are focused on the B&W Artisan Pro X panel or Quick Mask Pro panel and will occur only a few times a year
  • Free B&W Artisan Pro X or Quick Mask Pro webinars will only be announced via email to existing panel owners.
  • The maximum attendance is 99 people and the free Webinars will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing

Paid Webinars: the paid webinars usually take 3.5 hrs and can cover a variety of topics. Most popular is the Advanced Masking Class that will only be held a few times a year. Attendees will always receive practice files and the recording of the webinar without any additional charge. Click here for the latest news on paid Webinars and online workshops.

Free Webinars: the free webinars focused on the B&W Artisan pro or Quick Mask pro panels only, usually take 2 to 3 hrs. Attendees will receive practice files and the recording of the webinar. The recordings will also be published on Youtube.