About BWVision

BWVISION, est. 2009 by Joel Tjintjelaar.

  • We specialize in Architectural, Black and White, and Fine Art Photography
  • We have trailblazed new methods and techniques in digital B&W fine art photography and have led the way for fine art architectural photography since 2009
  • We use our expertise and experience in fine art photography in our professional work for global top brands.
  • We write and educate about it through our articles, covering the entire range from theoretical to practical.
  • We developed highly specialized B&W editing software.
  • We have inspired thousands of photographers worldwide with our architectural photographs
  • But above all, quality always comes first

Our Expertise

Architecture, Black and White and Fine Art Photography

We specialize in architectural, black and white, and fine art photography and we’re always driven by quality and perfection. We have pioneered digital B&W fine art architectural photography more than 14 years ago and created a style that has now become synonymous for fine art architectural photography. We bring all our expertise and innovative mindset into the work we create for our global clients to elevate the designs, products, and creations of our clients.


Our Mission

Art, Innovation, authenticity, and quality

Our main mission is to educate about the importance of art and that art can be anything. That art is an intrinsic part of human civilization and a tangible manifestation of consciousness.

We do that by educating, promoting and pioneering craftsmanship in Black and White and Fine Art photography by critically analyzing the many rules, and commonplaces, in photography and art.

We decode and deconstruct those rules to reconstruct new rules and concepts in fine art photography to comply with our philosophy on art.

We believe authenticity forms the foundation of artistic creativity. From this, it follows that it is important to infuse everything we create, from artwork to tutorials and software with a uniquely identifiable part of ourselves and our experience.

Quality in our blog posts, tutorials, products, artwork, and last but not least the services we provide, is the leading principle we live by. 

Al Janoub Stadium

Our Philosophy

Art is Consciousness Manifested

We believe that art can be anything by anyone and that there is no universal definition what art is – only unique and personal definitions.

As long as you define for yourself what art is and stand by and live by that definition and can defend it at all times.

We believe this because art is the authentic external manifestation of the unique and internal experience of a conscious being. Derived from the collective unconscious to contribute to that same collective unconscious.

Art is consciousness manifested.

Company Founder

Joel Tjintjelaar, Founder

Joel is a professional fine art photographer, author, and educator, specializing in black and white, architectural, landscape, and still life photography. Born in Jakarta, raised in the Netherlands, trained as a criminal lawyer, but worked in IT for over 20 years before he quit his daytime job in 2014 to pursue professional photography full-time. These days Joel is considered an expert in digital B&W photography and processing and pioneered digital B&W fine art architectural photography. The now common phrase 'B&W fine art architecture' refers to the style Joel together with a very select group of other photographers have pioneered and popularized. Joel also writes about art and photography, creates art for himself and for his clients and also judges work as a recurring judge for various international photography competitions


  • 2014 International Photography Awards (IPA): 1st place winner in Architecture for Professionals
  • 2014 International Photography Awards (IPA): Honourable mention in Architecture for Professionals
  • 2013 International Photography Awards (IPA): Honourable mention in Advertisement: Automotive for Professionals
  • 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA): 2nd place winner in Architecture for Professionals
  • 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA): Honourable mention in Architecture for Professionals
  • 2011 International Photography Awards (IPA): 1st place winner in Architecture
  • 2011 International Photography Awards (IPA): Multiple Honourable mentions
  • 2010 International Photography Awards (IPA): 2nd place in Architecture
  • 2010 Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA): Shortlisted finalist
  • 2010 Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA): Special commendation


From 2009 up to this day I have been published in numerous printed global magazines, major online blogs and interviews, podcasts and also Dutch national television.


Over the years I have co-judged several international photography competitions. From the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Award, to the  Minimalist Photography Awards to the B&W PhotoAwards and the Australian Landscape Awards. I’m one of the recurring judges of the annual Irish Professional Photographer and Videographer Awards.

Exhibitions & Galleries

  • November 2022 – January 2023 – M7 Museum solo exhibition, Doha, Qatar
  • September 2021 – FoBoZ exhibition, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
  • 2017- ongoing – Joseph and James / ArtDistrict gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2015-2018 – Rotella Gallery representation, New York City, USA
  • November 2015 – Pau exhibition, Médiathèque Intercommunale André Labarrère, Pau, France
  • August 2013 – Freiraum Gallery exhibition, Kronberg, Germany
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