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The Age of Modern Architecture in Qatar

A series of 29 fine art photos on modern architecture in Qatar commissioned by Qatar Tourism, taken at the beginning of 2022, mostly in Qatar’s capital city Doha. What I hope you will see as the series of 29 unfolds in the next weeks, is that there’s a strong connection between the architect’s design and its environmental and cultural context. I’ve tried to celebrate the architect’s design through my interpretation of it in relation to its environment. The tonal composition has been carefully designed to give visual weight to the architectural structures and pronounce their forms, while the material or spatial composition (object and space selection and arrangements) enhances the visual energy of the structures as they are juxtaposed to the serenity of the (back)grounds. A serenity that is inspired by the characteristics of a desert area. All 29 images are processed with the B&W Artisan Pro panel to speed up the process and increase accuracy and consistency.

Architecture I

Architecture II