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Architectural images from Japan and Europe.

I’ve come to the belief that beauty is not a thing or a quality that exists objectively in the external world. Beauty only exists in the individual as a subjective and internal experience. It is an emotional response from the observer to something or someone. Art therefore is the external manifestation of the internal experience of beauty by the artist.

The Age of Modern Architecture in Qatar

A series of 29 fine art photos on modern architecture in Qatar commissioned by Qatar Tourism, taken at the beginning of 2022, mostly in Qatar’s capital city Doha. What I hope you will see as the series of 29 unfolds in the next weeks, is that there’s a strong connection between the architect’s design and its environmental and cultural context. I’ve tried to celebrate the architect’s design through my interpretation of it in relation to its environment. The tonal composition has been carefully designed to give visual weight to the architectural structures and pronounce their forms, while the material or spatial composition (object and space selection and arrangements) enhances the visual energy of the structures as they are juxtaposed to the serenity of the (back)grounds. A serenity that is inspired by the characteristics of a desert area. All 29 images are processed with the B&W Artisan Pro panel to speed up the process and increase accuracy and consistency.

Print Availability

All images from the 'Age of Modern Architecture in Qatar' series are available as Limited Edition Prints On Demand and can therefore not be purchased directly from the Prints store. The edition is limited to 5 prints per photo and a maximum of 2 Artists' Proofs, regardless of the size. If you're interested in a print from this series, then please contact me via the Contact form.
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Qatar Landmarks

A work in progress, this subset of Black and White Fine-art photographs of structures in Qatar, are mostly considered to be historic and modern landmarks that have not been part of the series The Age of Modern Architecture in Qatar.

Qatar Skyline Panorama

This is a single photo of the magnificent and ever expanding skyline of the capitol city of Doha in Qatar. Right from the middle you can see the Lusail Plaza Towers, the Katara Towers, both in Lusail and the Pearl. To showcase the details in the image, the separate sections of the photo have been displayed as separate images. This image has been specifically shot and made for very large printing (3.5 meters wide or 11.5 ft or 138 inches is the recommended printing size)

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