Artisan Max 2024

B&W Fine Art Editing and Masking all-in-one plugin

Artisan Pro 2024 UXP is now combined with Quick Mask pro 2024 UXP into an all-in-one plugin for PS 2024 with exclusive MaX only features

Quick Mask Pro 2024 and Artisan Pro 2024 combined in one compact plugin

All existing Quick Mask Pro 2024 and Artisan Pro 2024 for UXP features are in the Artisan Max plugin plus exclusive extra features that we keep developing for the MaX plugin only

NEW Dynamic FX

Dynamic FX allow for adjustments, with or without auto-blending, in a transparent layer, so you can move the adjustment to any area in the image while still maintaining a smooth blending with the adjacent areas

Luminosity masks+

65 Luminosity Masks, Full, Quarter and Half and 31 micro zone masks + New features to create and remove a series of Full, Half or Quarter luminosity masks with one click.

Adobe PS CC 2024 Compatible

Fully compatible with PS CC 2024 v25.x.x

AI Enhanced

Improved sky masks using Adobe's built in AI and image upscaling using preserve details

Training material

There are 2 dozen of in-depth YouTube training videos and counting + Knowledge Hub

USD $6.99/month

You can cancel any time but note that Adobe allows re-subscribing only once.

Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro combined

Artisan Max is the Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro plugins integrated into one plugin and offered as a monthly subscription.

Artisan Max doesn’t replace Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro, but will exist alongside the separate plugins as a subscription with extras.

All features of both separate plugins are therefore available in Artisan Max plus new bonus features that will only be made available in the Artisan Max plugin. The first bonus features are Dynamic FX and more convenience with a 1-click luminosity masks creation and removal. New B&W processing and masking features will therefore only be developed for the Artisan Max plugin. Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro will always have free technical updates when necessary.

Apart from the integration of both plugins and the additional features, the main difference between the Artisan Max and the separate plugins is that Artisan pro and Quick Mask pro are both a single purchase product while Artisan Max is a monthly subscription that can be canceled any time. Keep in mind that Adobe only allows re-subscribing to a canceled subscription only once.

Quick Reference Guide 

You can download the Quick Reference Guide for the Artisan Max Panel here. For information on the Artisan Pro panel and Quick Mask Pro panels, please visit the Knowledge Hubs and it’s highly recommended to watch the YouTube channel with dozens of training videos.

Images created using artisan and Quick Mask Pro

All images on this website created after 2017 have been created with the Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro panels. All images prior to 2017 have been created with the manual iSGM method for B&W processing, that’s behind the plugins. For more image comparisons, see the Artisan Pro page

About the Designer of this plugin

The designer of this Photoshop plugin, Joel Tjintjelaar, pioneered B&W Fine art architectural photography more than 15 years ago. Together with a few other leading photographers, Joel popularized this style of photography. Ever since thousands of photographers worldwide have adopted this visual style of architectural photography and technical methods for artistic expression. These days, the phrase ‘B&W fine art architecture’, has become synonymous with the style Joel pioneered.

System Requirements

  • PS CC 2021 or higher is recommended for Artisan MaX 2024 UXP
  • Artisan MaX 2024 for UXP is fully compatible with Adobe PS CC 2024 (v25.x.x)
  • Mac(Apple Silicon and Intel) and Windows compatible, no Linux support
  • Make sure that your computer can run the latest Photoshop version. Check Adobe’s website for specifics.
  • The plugin runs language independently.


Most frequent questions and answers. For more FAQs please go to the Knowledge Hub.

If you have the latest Artisan Pro 2024 and Quick Mask Pro 2024 for UXP plugins (which can only be purchased from the Adobe store) then these will be supported for the foreseeable future. In case the plugin isn’t working due to a new Adobe release, we will fix it and release a free technical update. New functionality features will only be exclusively developed for the Artisan Max plugin, not for the Artisan Pro and Quick Mask pro plugins.

You don’t have to purchase the Artisan Max version, the separate UXP versions will continue to work and be technically supported. Although it will keep working for as long as we offer the plugins, you can only benefit from new functionalities like Dynamic FX with the Artisan Max version. The only exception is the legacy CEP plugins that was discontinued in 2021. When Adobe decides to discontinue support for the CEP platform, the legacy CEP panels will not work anymore

We understand that the separate Artisan Pro and Quick Mask Pro plugins are not always affordable for everyone. At the same time we want to keep innovating and developing new features that enhances B&W processing and masking considerably. The best way to account for both considerations is to offer a subscription model for a reasonable price that can be canceled any time.