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Practical Advanced Masking Webinar

Practical Advanced Masking

Holistic masking in practice Update: Sold out

By popular demand, a webinar focused on masking various types of images, using a combination of my advanced method and mainstream methods. What and how to mask in an image and what technique to use. No theory, just masking and you can submit images that I can use to mask live.


A practical 3.5-hr demonstration session on Sunday, October 1, 2023  


USD 140 click here to go to the sign-up section.

Outline – a holistic approach of masking in practice

When talking about vision most people only refer to the visual end-result. But Vision is much more than that: you can envision the result but if you don’t know how to get there technically, then your envisioned end-result will never be fully manifested, exactly the way you envisioned it.

You have to also envision the WAY to get to the result: an equally important part of having a vision, besides the imagined end-result itself, is knowing in advance how to concretely and technically get to that result. In detail.

First step is knowing what type of adjustments to make, how and where exactly. Only then you can start to analyze what to mask and what not. What can be replaced by luminosity masks and what not or what can be combined. 

Because the type of adjustment determines largely what type of masks to make or not to make and if you could just do with an adjust-and-restore sequence for example.

So, vision is not only about envisioning the end-result but also about being able to envision the applicable technical steps and masks to make to get to this end result, prior to making the masks. Roughly you should know all this for about 80%. The remaining 20% gives room for artistic surprises and for dealing with unexpected technical challenges.

The Importance of hard masks

Masking images is a very important part of the modern digital processing workflow to get full control over objects and planes in an image. I would even state that without the use of hard masks, you will just have very limited control over an image. 

Luminosity masks also known as soft masks, will only give you control over light but not over shapes and planes unless intensities of light exactly and consistently coincide with a shape or plane. That is almost impossible. Therefore it is necessary to create hard masks accurately if you want to have full control.

This webinar teaches you how to create hard masks accurately and fast by choosing the right method out of a variety of different methods. Because there is not 1 best method. The best method is knowing what methods to use or to combine and when. Furthermore, it will also teach you what you don’t need to mask and save time. Too many times masks are created, unnecessarily, for which there is a simpler and time-saving solution. 

Finally, for those who are not yet familiar with my self-developed advanced masking method that cannot be found anywhere else, apart from in my tutorials: this is an integral part of the webinar.

What this webinar is not about

The target group of this webinar is everyone who wants to learn to create better masks with only the use of Adobe PS CC so this webinar is not about the use of any of the plugins I develop, Quick Mask Pro or B&W Artisan Pro, even though I will use some basic features of the panels to speed up the demonstrations. 

For people who only use Adobe Photoshop without the panels this webinar is therefore also useful as I will provide (video) information prior to the webinar how to replace the features of the panels that I will use, using Photoshop only. 

The panel features I will use and can be replaced by using PS only are limited to the following features:

  1. Create sky masks – this can be done using Adobe PS CC only with a few additional steps
  2. Darkening/lightening areas in a mask – this can be done using Adobe PS CC only with a few additional steps.
What this webinar is about

This webinar is about doing as many hands-on demonstrations as possible, covering every genre, tackling every possible issue and challenge you might encounter when masking and preferably using user submitted images also. All this as part of the entire processing process and the concept that the type of masks you need depend on the type of adjustments you want as a result of the visual style you have envisioned. Attendees are therefore encouraged to submit their images for me to use in the demonstrations. The goal is to have the most important situations and most frequently occurring challenges, covered.

Price and duration

The price of the 3.5-hr session on October 1 is  $140 USD

The sessions will be recorded and only paying attendees will receive a copy of the recording.

Scroll down to sign up or click here to go to the sign-up section.

Date and time

Sunday, October 1, 2023. The class will start at 2.30 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 8.30 am EST (New York) / 5.30 am PST (Los Angeles).

The class will end at 6.00 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 12.00 NOON EST (New York) / 9.00 am PST (Los Angeles)

Limited Group size

As I find it important that attendees will actively interact and ask questions without falling into chaos, I prefer to keep the size of the group small


For intermediate to advanced, beginners are welcome as well even though they might find it more challenging to follow the technical demonstrations. Sufficient knowledge of Adobe PS is a requirement.


  • Analyze the image first to be able to fully manifest your end-result, based on Figure & Ground and practical considerations: learn to also envision the technical steps to get to the end-result and what technique is the best for a specific adjustment and what type of mask it needs. The type of mask is always determined by the type of adjustment you need. This way you don’t mask the wrong objects, or too many objects or use the wrong masking method.
  • Some images cannot be masked: learn which images can be masked and which aren’t useful to mask. Sometimes re-shooting an image the right way takes less time and effort than trying to mask it
  • Some people use the wrong method or use the right method in a wrong way. Learn when to use what method the right way, fast and accurately
  • Some people only use one method while most of the times you need to combine different methods at the same time. I will demonstrate when to combine different methods.
  • Learn an advanced masking method that I have developed and is only taught by me as an additional technique in case you haven’t attended the previous masking webinars or have the advanced masking videos.
  • I try to apply the masks as much as possible using adjustments in practical situations, to see the effect.


Please make the payment first, before registering on the sign-up page. You can only secure your place if the seat is also paid for. Full is full.

If you want to submit images for the masking demonstrations: you will receive details on how to submit in the confirmation email

Practical Masking Session, October, 1 – US$ 140

Your place is only secured if you have paid in full. Please don’t forget to fill out the form as well on the sign up page, so I know whom to send the confirmation email. 

About Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar is a fine art photographer who pioneered modern fine art architectural photography 15 years ago and has continued to innovate and improve methods and techniques to bring digital B&W photography to a higher level. Besides teaching B&W fine art and architectural photography, Joel has also been commissioned over the years by global A-brands like BMW and Qatar Airways for his architectural work. Finally Joel also designs B&W editing software and appears every year as a judge for various international photography competitions

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    Since I’m in a completely different time zone, would it be possible to buy the video after the course is complete? If so, the price please? Thanks!

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