Quick Mask Pro For UXP Released

12-minute YouTube tutorial on new Quick Mask Pro 2022

The new 12-minute tutorial on Quick Mask Pro 2022 for UXP is now on Youtube to get a quick impression of what this much-improved panel is about. Scroll down for all the details. There’s also the PDF manual with clear instructions available here. Keep in mind the panel is now a plugin that’s only available through the Adobe store and needs to be purchased using the same email address as for your Adobe account, else it won’t show up in your Photoshop plugins section.

Quick Mask Pro UXP – 50 Ways to make your hard masks

Quick Mask Pro UXP is the latest evolution of Quick Mask Pro launched in 2017 for the creation of hard masks in Photoshop with considerable improvements. Basemasks have improved so much with this new version that we built from the ground up, that the correct zone selection has become less critical.
Designed for any Photoshop user who needs to create hard masks fast but accurately. More specifically designed for (B&W) Fine art photographers who need accurate hard masks for every object in a photograph to push contrasts hard without fringing and artifacts and have total control over a photo.
The latest UXP version uses Adobe Photoshop’s AI technology behind the scenes and combines that with Joel Tjintjelaar’s self-developed Advanced Masking Techniques to improve the accuracy of hard masks generated by Photoshop.
Indicate the object you want to mask in the photo, or let the panel do it automatically, and hit the correct preset. Choose one of the masks that are generated and adjust it if needed, or try another preset.
In total, if you would try out all presets and options for 1 photo, regardless if they would make any sense, you can create up to 50 different masks for that one photo, often with just subtle differences.
Quick Mask Pro UXP is developed on contrast based masking methods and uses luminosity masks behind the scenes to generate hard masks. Therefore it is also suitable for native B&W RAW files that don’t contain any color information.
It is important to know that masking always starts in the field: the better the contrast and exposure that is captured in-camera, the better the mask. This also means that if your photo is poorly exposed with very low contrasts around the selected subject, with soft edges and other flaws, the creation of masks will be nearly impossible. It is not a miracle tool. But the panel can create intricate masks with just a few clicks in a properly exposed photograph.


  • Using Adobe’s AI technology behind the scenes for drastically improved hard masks
  • Click-and-create subject/object masks: identify the object to select, click and then modify if needed
  • In total 50 different hard mask variations for object masks in 1 photo
  • Click-and-create accurate sky masks: Click and go for 5 different sky mask variations. Modify with a few clicks to optimize if needed.
  • Wide range or tight range mask options: use wide range to include more translucent details like feathers or fur. Use tight range for normal ‘hard’ outlines
  • No Blend and Partial Blend options: use no blend if all edges need to be hard, or partial (auto) blend if only objects intersecting with the sky need hard edges, but soft edges when intersecting with adjacent objects for smooth blending when editing
  • Simple to Advanced Refine masks options: from simple 1-click refinement presets to advanced refinement presets for challenging optimizations.
  • Luminosity masks presets to automatically create (and delete) in total 65 different luminosity masks for a photo are of course included.


All Intel, AMD and Apple Silicon based computers with Adobe PS CC v22.0 and higher.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi I’m looking for a plugin that offers quicker and is more accurate that PS subject detect.
    I therefore bought the Quick mask pro new version.
    I have looked at the video and also the manual but don’t see how this is quicker and I find it much longer the treat as I have the adjust the 3 channels one after another. I may be doing something incorrect so please can you send me some simple explanations.

    1. Paul, Have you looked at the manual, our Knowledge Hub page with masking tips and more? You just pick the best channel that you can refine if needed. There will be more videos and more masking tips that are continuously added to the Knowledge hub. I can’t make it any simpler than in the manual and video and tips.

  2. I am a photo editor and have worked in a company for 3 years. I have learned about the pro masks from your valuable blog. “12-minute YouTube tutorial on new Quick Mask Pro 2022” might be helpful for anyone. I appreciate you, Kepp it up!

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