Quick Mask Pro Webinar

Free Quick Mask Pro webinar via Zoom

Quick Mask Pro Webinar

Annual Free Quick Mask Pro webinar via Zoom.

This summer we have released the UXP version of the Quick Mask Pro panel and I’m happy to announce the annual and free webinar on Quick Mask Pro for UXP on Sunday, December 11th via Zoom. World cup football fans: don’t worry, it’s a rest day.

What will be demonstrated in the webinar

I will give a quick overview of the most important features and demonstrate a suggested workflow with the new Quick Mask Pro UXP panel with a few examples. At the same time, I will also briefly use the B&W Artisan Pro panel to demonstrate how the created masks can be used practically with the QMP-generated masks. The latter however can also be done with PS only, but Artisan Pro will be used during the webinar only to speed up and simplify the process.

What will not be demonstrated

I will not give detailed demos of all the functionalities and presets in the panel to save time. For that purpose, there are various manuals on the Quick Mask Pro knowledge hub available and also YouTube videos. The focus is on the main functionalities and workflow.
Also to save time, I will not go into the basic and more advanced principles of masking in general, for that I have created a 5-hr video tutorial (now with a Black Friday 40% off discount).

Who can attend the webinar

The free webinar can be attended by everyone: users of the new UXP version of Quick Mask Pro, but also users of the older versions and others who are not using Quick Mask Pro are invited. But obviously, it makes more sense if you already are a user of the UXP version of Quick Mask Pro.
If you’re interested in our QMP or Artisan Pro panel: we have the Black Friday-Cyber Monday discounts with 40% OFF that expires in 2 days which you can find in our store.

You can sign up by filling out the form at the link below. There’s a maximum of 99 attendees. The first 20 will automatically be selected, the remaining 79 will be randomly picked.


  • When: Sunday, December 11th, 2022, 3.30 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 2.30 pm UK time (London) / 9.30 am EST (NYC) / 6.30 am PST (LA)
  • Where: by invite via Zoom. There is a maximum of 99 seats available. 

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