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Webinar B&W Fine Art Architecture Masterclass

Webinar B&W Fine Art Architecture Masterclass

Creating a fine art series of architecture – practical demonstrations – CLOSED

Price and duration

The price is $155 USD for a 3.5-hr session. The session will be recorded and only attendees will receive a copy of the recording.

Date and time

On Sunday 29 January 2023. The class will start at 2.30 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 8.30 am EST (New York) / 5.30 am PST (Los Angeles).

The class will end at 6.00 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 12.00 NOON EST (New York) / 9.00 am PST (Los Angeles)

Limited Group size

I’m aiming for a smaller group with more interaction. The maximum number is 20 students. Registration will be closed on January 18, 2023, or when 20 students have been reached, whichever comes first.


For intermediate to advanced, beginners are welcome as well even though they might find it more challenging to follow the technical demonstrations.

Main Class Objective

To be able to create a consistent body of work or series that is considered fine art, in a practical way with various demonstrations. That requires not only a clear understanding of what fine art is, but also how to translate that practically to a photograph. 

More specifically, it’s about being able to create a series that puts emphasis on celebrating the architectural creation and the fine art photographer at the same time in a way that is consistent and makes the series more than just the sum of the images. In other words: a series that transcends both the photographer and the architect: Stollerizing architecture.

‘Real-time Image Selection and Decision Process’ bonus

Currently, I’m adding an additional 24 to 28 images to the existing series of 29 that I’m photographing 10 days before the webinar. A ‘fresh’ set of images therefore, that are in the process of being selected and processed for the final series. I’ll be sharing with the students my first and spontaneous thoughts about the images I’m going to use, why and how they will be processed differently but still consistent with the first 29 images.


A 3.5-hour hands-on demonstration focused on creating a consistent series of fine art architectural images.

Creating a consistent series of fine art images requires a clear understanding of what fine art is and what it is that you are actually creating. It is therefore more meaningful and challenging than creating a beautiful one-off fine art image. You also have to know more about the essence of a building or landscape, when you are creating a fine art series about it. Your understanding, or lack thereof, of what you’re creating becomes more evident when you create a bigger series of images. 

My experience is: the bigger the series, the more critical the look and feel of each image will be individually, and as part of the whole.

I will explain and demonstrate practically, how to create a consistent and meaningful fine art series and how to prepare for it, how to design it, and where to get inspiration to give it your own voice. 

My recently launched 29-image fine art series The Age of Modern Architecture in Qatawill be the concrete use case at hand. One image out of this series will be processed more extensively from start to end with the artistic thought and decision process explained. But I’ll be using various other images from the series too, to convey the main points clearly.

Limited theoretical explanations are necessary but largely it is pure practice and practical tips to level up your B&W fine art skills and be able to create more than a one-off (lucky) shot.

The workflow and artistic thought and decision process for this webinar is loosely based on the ‘Artistic Thought and Decision Process’ video tutorial, but this class can be followed independently of the video. This article describes the principles used in the video.


  1. Research and preparation, where to find relevant inspiration
  2. Concept – Fine Art Architecture – Stollerizing architecture: celebrating the architectural design and contributing to the collective experience of the image/building through the unique artistic interpretation of the photographer
  3. Visual Design of the series. Spatial composition and tonal composition both play an important role. Both composition types will be explained and you will learn how to put emphasis on the architecture via a carefully considered tonal composition design.
  4. Executing the design – this is mainly execution in the digital darkroom, using Photoshop and the Artisan Pro UXP plugin but I will also explain how I approached it in the field during the shooting.
  5.  ‘Real-time image selection and decision process’ with the newly shot images – see bonus topic under Main Class Objective.

What this class is not about

  1. This is not a class on how the Artisan panel works as this is sufficiently covered in the free (recorded) webinars and YouTube tutorials. The Artisan Pro panel will however be used extensively to speed up the process. Everything can be done with Adobe PS as well.
  2. This is not a class on how to create masks/selections as this is a time-consuming and entirely different skillset. I will use masks extensively that have been pre-created and I will give recommendations/tips on what masks to create and what not.


Signing up via the sign-up button below, will only secure your place and add to the tally of the maximum number of students if the seat is also paid for. Full is full.

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